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Daisy Clark | Uncut - #002

South West-based singer-songwriter Daisy Clark spoke with Sunset Sessions to discuss music and her plans for this year.

Since her debut release, a rendition of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" that went on to gain 12m+ views back in 2017, Daisy has gone on to amass over 170k+ followers across social media platforms.

Exclusively for Sunset Sessions, Daisy has recorded a cover of Holly Humberstone's "Vanilla" (see below).

Tell us about yourself...

I’m a Cornwall based songwriter and artist. I started out on YouTube sharing my own songs and covers of my favourite songs! My music is a mix of stripped back Acoustic & Indie-Pop.

Why did you choose this song to cover?

I’m a huge fan of Holly’s music. I love her mix of electric guitar and Indie-Pop production. A friend of mine had told me to listen to her a while back (silly me forgot to give a proper listen) but a couple months later, I was hooked. This song has been on repeat for the past few months so it felt right to cover it! I like to cover songs I really vibe with and this one definitely was one of those.

Who are your biggest influences?

My influences tend to change over time but one remains always - Taylor Swift. I’m also loving the folklore/evermore era! Other influences include Lennon Stella and Phoebe Bridges, both who’s new albums I am obsessed with.

How was it being an artist during the pandemic?

I’m really missing the buzz of performing and wish I could travel to London for writing sessions and gigs. However, I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom writing sessions which have been amazing, and its enabled me to collaborate with many other writers that I maybe wouldn’t have had chance to under normal circumstances. I’ve also been loving the ease and fun of livestreams! Everyone who joins is so lovely and it’s great to connect with your audience and get that performing fix.

What's your plan for this year?

I have a new single coming out around April time which I’m super excited for. I have a couple of possible festival slots (COVID dependent), and, I’m hoping for eased restrictions to be able to resume travelling, gigging and co writing!

By Samuel Clucas & Ezra Folan

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