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About Us

Since our maiden 2019 show, Sunset Sessions has gone from strength to strength while staying true to our deep-rooted love for music. We’re incredibly proud to have carved out a special musical experience boasting a level of intimacy that is impossible to replicate. Our unforgettable events exist to shine a spotlight on the brightest local talent that Essex has to offer and provide our audience with a truly authentic affair.

Our celebration of great music is based in Harlow, Essex, and works in association with Parndon Wood Nature Reserve, utilising its green space for a unique backdrop. We are also excited to have partnered with a Harlow favourite, Redchurch Brewery, to continue our summer success throughout the winter months. Now you can enjoy brilliant voices accompanied with locally crafted delicacies.

If you like what you see, then be sure to follow all of our social media channels to keep up to date with everything Sunset Sessions has to offer. From the latest news to behind the scenes video content, you can find it all on our social media! If you thought the name Sunset Sessions implied a period of winter hibernation, then think again! After a spectacular summer of 2021, we’re keeping our foot on the gas to bring you another live music experience. A change in seasons means a change in settings, as we’re proud to be partnering with Redchurch brewery for the indoor Brewery Sessions. A snug relocation means we can provide a music event that is more intimate and more unforgettable, but without a compromise on blossoming musical talent!

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