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Brewery Sessions

Everything you need to know about our wonderful line-up, and tonight's event.

-: Welcome
Jo Hill.jpeg

Jo Hill

22:00 - 22:30

Jo Hill is a singer-songwriter from Cheddar. Taking influence from Fleetwood mac, Remi Wolf and Benee, her music is a combination of indie pop/rock/soul with a sweet smattering of country.

Zach Thompson

21:00 - 21:30

Hailing from South London, Zach will be keeping you captivated tonight. The singer-songwriter draws inspiration from Psychedelic Rock, Prog-Rock, and R&B. 

Keep your eyes on this one.

Photo: Max Patnell


Abela Brother

20:00 - 20:30

Harlow-based brothers, Daniel and Matthew Valaitis also known as Abela Brother will be kicking things off to a strong start on Friday night.

Photo: Max Patnell

-: Our Team

Bar Menu

Draught Beer

Available beers on tap are listed on the black chalk board behind the bar.

Bottled Drinks
£3 / £3.50


Amethyst / Berlinerweiss (4.2%) 

Bethnal / Pale Ale (5.5%)
Bitter Luck / Best Bitter (4.5%)
Dark Candy / Mexican Dark Lager (5.0%)
Deckchair / Pale Ale (4.3%)
Great Eastern / IPA (7.4%)
Hoxton Stout (5.0%) 
Old Ford / Export Stout (7.4%) 
Paradise / Session IPA (3.7%)
Shoreditch / Blonde (4.5%) 
Life on Marz / German Marzen (5.2%)


East Side Cider 


Redchurch Cooler

Deliciously refreshing Cucumber Gin Liqueur, lemonade & fresh fruits.

Redchurch Passion

Yummy Passion Fruit Liqueur topped with lemonade & fresh fruits.      

Redchurch Cherry Red

Cheeky Cherry Vodka Liqueur with lemonade and fresh fruits.    

Redchurch Floral

Fabulously refreshing Elderflower Vodka Liqueur lemonade & fresh fruits.    

Redchurch St Clements

Marvellous mango and yuzu with lemonade & fresh fruits.   

Redchurch Ripple

Gorgeous Raspberry Vodka Liqueur with lemonade  & fresh fruits.    

175 ml - £5
250 ml - £6.75


  • Pinot Grigio

  • Sauvignon Blanc  


  • Rioja

  • Merlot   


  • Pinot Blush 


  • Prosecco 

Soft Drinks

Coke/Diet Coke (Can)
Sprite (Can)
Orange Juice (Glass)
Water (Bottle)


Biltong Traditional (50/100g) - £3.50/6.50

Biltong Chili & Garlic (50/100g) - £3.50/6.50

Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard Onion (125g) - £1.99

Pretzel Pieces Jalapeno (125g) - £1.99

Directors Cut Corn Snacks Chilli Twist (40g) - £1.25

Directors Cut Corn Snacks Onion Rings (40g) - £1.25

Directors Cut Corn Snacks Cheese & Ham Toasties (40g) - £1.25

Churchgate Sausage French Bread, Onions, Sauce - £6.00

-: List

Event Information

All seating is available on an un-reserved basis.

The toilets can be found to the right of the bar area, and to the right as you walk in the main entrance.

Alongside the benches/stalls, we have two standing areas just in front of the bar, and behind the tables by the wall. 

You're free to sit behind the boiler/caged area in the middle of the taproom - this is not off-limits, but please note that it isn't a good view of the acts.

Please allow space for those queueing at the bar. 

Smoking is prohibited on-site.

-: Text

Safety & Wellbeing

Our priority is to make the event safe for everyone, therefore, we'll be adhering to government guidelines on COVID-19. 

Please stay within your social bubble as much as possible, make two meters of space with other groups, and wear a mask where possible around the venue, toilets, or when outside of your social bubble.

Please allow each-other space, be kind, and have fun!

-: Text

Leaving the Venue

Local cab companies available for enquiries.


Metro Cars

01279 444 333

ABC Cars.png

ABC Cars

01279 300 900

Get in Touch
-: Our Team
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